min(col [, ...cols]) returns the minimum value of the provided column(s) in the input datastream. If multiple columns are provided, their values are lexically ordered as a tuple—see max()—except null values are considered the greatest variant instead of the least.


min(a, b) is not the same as min(a), min(b). To get the minimum values of multiple columns, run a stats query, e.g. stats min(a), min(b). See stats() for more information.


A table with one row and one column for each col provided, called @q.min[i], where i is the index of col in the arguments. If only one col was provided, the column is called @q.min.


Return the minimum elapsed time for a request in the checkout_api service.

%ingest.source_type: "kubernetes"
and kubernetes.container_name: "checkout_api"
| min(log.%kv.elapsed_ms)

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